Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3 For Whatever It's Worth - Cont'd - Part III

Note: It occurs to me to start each related post by saying that before all this started, I was reasonably active and clearly never knew the meaning of the words "can't" or "don't". 
Harmless Medications - My A$$

I've only recently found out that Ibuprofen, for one, is not as safe as it would seem. From what I have read, apparently it restricts blood flow which actually reduces the body's ability to heal itself.

My doctor's have had me on high doses of Ibuprofen for years, 600-800mg several times per day. Many of the other side effects I have read about have been experienced, but the doctors only dismissed it as something else, implying I was seeking narcotics that's why I was blaming the medicine. Ironically, all I wanted was for them to diagnose and heal so I could stop taking medicines for good, that was ALL I EVER WANTED.

Aside from the fact my body has never healed, it became more prone to new injuries. When taking the medicine on a regular basis, one thing I noticed was that the skin would bruise very easily too. Someone could just grab my arm and I would have fingermarks the next day. It was crazy. And that was in addition to the other symptoms that were dismissed, such as cuts not healing properly, dizziness, etc. A single cut would take approximately 5 times as long to heal while on high doses of ibuprofen, plus it would leave discoloration for approximately another six to eight months. If I had the same cut while NOT on the medicine, it would be completely gone, no skin discoloration or anything, within just a couple of weeks. And the doctor's still don't listen to me when I try to tell them.

Other things I have recently discovered that seemed noteworthy include the fact that several antibiotics are known to induce tendonitis, which was the primary initial diagnosis. For years, doctors had been over prescribing antibiotics to me that I only now know to be harmful and damaging to the body. Additionally, I had even asked a couple of doctors to do the tests in order to determine whether the symptoms occurring were from allergies or infection or virus; they would not even do a simple blood test, only prescribed antibiotics, and then more when those didn't work. One doctor even remarked he wouldn't do them because doing the tests was the "lazy way" to practice medicine. What does that even mean?

Who even knows if those initial tendon issues progressed to develop tears due to inadequate care and overprescribing harmful medications, such as ibuprofen, etc.? I can't even remember all the pills I was prescribed. But dang it, no one ever listened and did any proper testing - they NEVER did, no matter how much I begged for true healing so I could stop taking meds.

I never had a chance, and I'm so incredibly tired of trying and losing. I still haven't even scratched the surface yet of ALL the issues and events. Sigh... after 9 years, I get it now - there's no hope for me..

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